What a lovely down to earth woman who did the not so easy job of shooting my 1 and 3 year old girls and still managed to get photos of them that I love. Sent my pictures back to me really quick too. Can’t wait for our next shoot (so mummy can get involved!)

Ebony Kirk 




Amazing time working with Karyn (MoodyMe)! Such a great, loving personality and has a real eye for her work. We met through mutual friends over facebook and my attraction to her photography. Really easy-going and her concept ideas are incredible!
For the shoot, we ventured Liverpool’s inner city for cool, textured locations! And the shoot was very relaxed so nerves weren’t apparent.
Overall, the experience to work with her was magnificent, such a talented woman; knowing about locations, skin tones and even just getting to know you as a person/model/artist. And her editing skills for the final shots are amazing, such a great job on them!
I would definitely work with her again!x

Courtney James 



Absolutely loved my shoot with Karyn. Such a lovely talented lady to work with and my pictures are insane!!! I had so much direction and I am mega happy with my images. I would definitely recommend. Such a pleasure to work with, I am definitely going to use her again! Mwah x

Paige Goulding 

Now then … There’s nothing I can say about MoodyMe photography that the images don’t say already. Karyn is a dream to work with although she does put you in some, sometimes wet, sometimes cold, situations but the effort from both you as the model and her as the photographer is all so worth it. I love working with Karyn and her passion for her craft and art comes through with every image. Long shoots don’t phase her and her ability to make you feel at ease in front of the camera is a skill not many people possess. She is a star and you’d be daft not to work with her on any project you have in mind!

Sally Ayres